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2024 All-inclusive Slovenia Retreat:

    Detox Your Body&Mind and

                 feel the Joy of

     Reconnecting with Yourself

In 2024 Joy of the Mediterranean is taking you to the 

mountain valley of emerald coloured Soca river in Slovenia,

for the unique 8 Days Retreat Experience.

In the surroundings of truly serene captivating beauty of nature our wellbeing holistic retreat will take the place during June 22nd - 29th 2024.


This retreat is an ideal opportunity to restore your energy and to rejuvenate, to nourish and heal your body and mind from daily stress and to disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself and the nature, to take time to step back and to reflect and find out what is really important to YOU. 

Allow yourself to put yourself and your well-being as your top priority during this retreat.


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This nurturing holistic wellbeing yoga holiday serves as both short training to help you get started on your healthy path as well as a great way to relax, meet new people, and just experience a fun and active holiday.

It will create a platform on which you will be able to build on once when you return home

so that you can continue implementing positive changes and a healthy lifestyle in

your daily life.

We will accommodate only a small number

of participants during this retreat, so that we able to serve you in the best possible way;

with love, care and  with personal attention that YOU deserve.

Each evening, your next day schedule with activities, tours, and excursions will be

brought to your room or will be given to you during tea time.

You can just relax and let us take care of everything for you.

During this 8 days retreat Experience, you

will enjoy twice a day yoga practice,

breathing exercises and meditation.

We will also practice every morning - from the moment that we wake up until the breakfast ends - a yogic practice of Mauna or "Silence", which simply means that we will not talk during morning hours, so that we have a better perception of our inner world. Mauna begins with the external practice of non-speaking, and eventually evolves into a deep inner listening - after all Yoga practice is an inner journey towards ourselves.

There will be 3 healing and nourishing freshly prepared seasonal organic high quality meals per day, as well as freshly squeezed morning detox juices.

Hiking trips with professional guides through fairy tail mountainy nature of Triglav national park with breathtaking

views of Alps, swimming in stunning Soca

river, swimming in Alpine Bohinj glacial lake which comprises almost 100 million cubic meters of water.​ Cable car trip to Vogel mountain with lunch on the porch of the mountain hut which is known for their traditional food.

Hiking tour called "Back to the Roots" - with spiritual mountain guide. This hike will take us through breathtaking gorges towards the mountain ecovillage where cheese is still made in an ancient way. You we will also enjoy the traditional lunch at one of the farms there, followed by visit to the sacred grounds where the ancestors were worshiping Mother Earth and 5 elements of nature - this tradition is still very much alive in the Alpine mountains of Slovenia.

Visit to Slovenia's most beautiful, turquoise colour, waterfall in a gorgeous nature,   walking on a part of so called “Peace Trail” - a reminder to us all how precious life is, and that we all have the responsibility to work towards the peace internally and externally. Peace trail is 1115 km long (we will walk only few kilometres!), and is an outdoor museum dedicated to the WW1, where original trenches are remaining. This was the 3rd line of defence, so called Isozno front about which Ernest Hemingway wrote in his book "A Farewell to Arms”. Isonzo in Slovenia translates into Soca (the most beautiful Slovenia river), it will be the combination of history, hiking and beautiful views of the Soca River Valley.

You will enjoy a cooking class and will learn how to make from scratch few nutritious whole food vegan/vegetarian dishes, as well as about the nutrition value of ingredients, so that you can continue on the path of the healthy eating after you return home.

On one of the evenings we will have a fire ceremony - a powerful

 practice used to release unwanted energies and attachments from the past and make space for new intentions. A fire ceremony can be used to release unhappy memories, fears, negative emotions, and anything that you are holding onto that doesn’t serve your True Self.  By releasing these unwanted energies and old patterns into the fire, you are healing at the soul level.

There will be 2 free days - days without planned activities - during which you might decide to book Ayurvedic massage or kayaking trip or visit beautiful lake Bled or enjoy Aquatic canyoning with professional guide (here you will learn, away from yoga mat, how to let go of fears and surrender). 

Activities on free days are not included in the price.

All activities offered are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and they are also optional; you can participate in as many of above described activities as you like, but you can also choose instead to sit in the nature and read a book or relax.

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This retreat is Ideal for 


Joy of the Mediterranean's yoga holiday is perfect for everyone who loves nature and wants to recharge their batteries, detox body and mind and achieve harmony, rediscover and reconnect with themselves, feel the joy and awaken their senses while learning, exploring and having fun.

This is a great retreat for anyone who wants a relaxation break from the daily grind of urban life.

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YOUR Health and Wellbeing are extremely important to us!

You will enjoy three meals per day, composed of healthy, seasonal, organic vegetarian, or vegan or raw food along with freshly prepared healthy, homemade raw snack delights, detox juices, and evening herbal tea.

Or the ingredients used will be organic, bread will be baked from the scratch using organic flour - gluten free option also available.

The experienced chef has a true love and deep knowledge of healthy food. He is exceptional and he always loves to share his knowledge with the participants. He will concentrate on the nutritional, healthy value of the locally grown, fresh food (garden to table), and will be spoiling you with delicious, nutritious meals, enriched with a local wild fresh herbs.

Please note that on this retreat, there will be no sugar used in foods, as well as no meat and alcohol served.

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Retreat with Aficionados

The experienced team will provide you with personal services to ensure that your stay is comfortable, pleasurable, and effortless. The staffs' extensive local knowledge ensures that you will enjoy the best authentic sights, flavors and experiences.

On top of it, you will be indulged by the private chef who has true love and deep knowledge of healthy foods and its exceptional nutritional values with most love and care for your needs. He always loves to share his secrets with you.


Yoga classes

You will able to attend 2 Yoga classes daily; 

The morning session will be an energizing, dynamic practice of one hour and 30 minutes for a wonderful start of the day.

You will learn how to be in the present moment, to explore your inner self, and to empower yourself. You will increase your physical flexibility and strength, in order that you can transform it into inner strength, balance, harmony and joy.

The morning practice will include Surya Namaskar - sun salutations. 

The one-hour evening yoga session is designed with a more restorative, calmer approach to end and reflect on your day. This session may include pranayama, restorative yoga, Yin yoga, and Yoga Nidra. 

The available yoga and meditation classes are suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced yogis. 


          Location and Accommodation

Slovenia is a gorgeous hidden gem of Europe, with a population of 2 million.

The Triglav National Park extends along the Italian border and close to the Austrian border in the north-west of Slovenia, that is, in the south-eastern section of the Alps.

The park was named after Triglav, the highest mountain in the heart of the park, which is also the highest summit in Slovenia (2864 m).

The park covers 840 square kilometres, and it is one of the oldest European parks; the first protection dates back to 1924 when the Alpine Conservation Park was founded. 

The beautiful emerald Soča river, which flows at the foot of the Julian Alps, by the Italian border has carved an exhilarating valley at an elevation of 876 metres and has some of the most gorgeous waters in Europe.

We will be staying in a secluded beautifully renewed traditional farmhouse set in 22 acres of forest and fields at the foothills of the Julian Alps in Slovenia’s Soca Valley, with crystal clear mountain springs and mountain river running through the property, a stone’s throw from the Triglav National Park.


Guests will benefit from spacious, unique high quality rooms with stunning mountain views and access to all in-house and onsite facilities.

Accommodation has 4 double rooms and one shared twin room, all with en-suite bathrooms, two outdoor and one indoor dinning spaces, and a yoga room with mountain views.

We are pleased to inform you that accommodation, as well as our retreat, is pet friendly, so you are welcome to bring along your furry friend if you wish so.



              June 22nd - June 29th 2024 

What's included

  • 7 nights accommodation

  • 8 days guidance of the retreat leader

  • 14 yoga sessions - Daily morning and evening yoga classes

  • Healthy vegetarian, vegan, and raw food breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Detox juices and herbal teas

  • Practice of Mauna - silence - in the morning hours

  • Hiking excursions around Triglav Natural Park with professional guide

  • Hike to the most beautiful alpine waterfalls 

  • Visit to Alpine ecovillage and learning about centuries old local tradition of cheesemaking

  • Organic Lunch at one of the farms at eco village

  • Visit to the ancient sacred grounds in the mountains where Mother Earth and its 5 elects are still being worshiped 

  • Cable car trip to Vogel mountain with stunning views of Alps and Slovenian highest peek - Triglav

  • Alfresco Lunch at mountain pasture hut on the top of Vogel mountain

  • Swimming in Alpine lake Bohinj

  • Boat trip around Bohinj lake

  • Walking on the "Peace Trail", an outdoor museum dedicated to the WW1, where original trenches are remaining - with the time dedicated for compassion and contemplation of importance of inner and outer peace

  • Cooking Class

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Shuttle Transfer door to door at designated hours- Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia) airport to the accommodation, and back to airport on the departure day. Transfer ride will take about 90 minutes  

  • PLEASE NOTE: due to designated hours of shuttle transfer your flight's arrival time should not be later than at 12:30pm on the 22nd, as well as your flight departure time should not be earlier than at 2pm on the 29th!

 What's not included

  • Accident and travel insurance

  • Airfare to Ljubljana Airport (LJU) 

  • Any extra activities which are not included in the price, such as hiring SUP, kayak, rafting, aquatic canyoning, Ayurvedic massage or visit to lake Bled - we will gladly help you with arranging any kind of additional activities that you might wish to participate in on one of the two free days (days without activities). Please let us know about your desired extra activity at last 2 weeks before the arrival


Thank you for your interest in our 2024 Slovenia Retreat Experience. 


This retreat is currently fully booked for this year, but we are confident that you will have equally amazing and transformational time during our 2025 Slovenia Experience. 

Our team is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience that you won't forget. 


Please feel free to contact us for  more information about 2025 Date & Prices, and to secure your spot.

      Looking forward to hosting you in 2025!

                Joy of the Mediterranean Team

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